ChatGPT, Using AI to find domains to hand register

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ChatGPT, Using AI to find domains to hand register - NiceNIC.NET

Most of the domains I acquire are expiring domains, but sometimes I dabble in hand registrations.


My hand registrations are typically topic or trend related. For example, I registered a bunch of AI-related domains in 2017.


I'll be honest, most of my hand registrations never work out. But every once in a while, they hit. For example, I've sold five ai-related domains from that 2017 batch for a total of $25,000.


New AI tools have expanded my interest in hand registrations. They help you find domains beyond merely the keyword combos you think of and what existing name-spinning tools suggest.


Domain investor Elliot Silver recently tweeted about registering a handful of domains he found using


Some companies are using AI and ChatGPT specifically for finding domains to register. One I recently started using is AI Marketing Plan's name generator. It's the brainchild of Mark Fulton, who used to write the DotSauce blog.


I've played around with this tool for the past week and have registered about 15 domains it suggested.


The category + keyword system that taps into ChatGPT generates lots of names I would have never thought of myself, and many of them are quite good. Combining human intelligence (topics and keywords that sell well) with artificial intelligence can unlock new ideas.


The tool doesn't check availability for you but offers links to copy the domains and check them using Namecheap Beast Mode or GoDaddy's bulk checker. I find Beast Mode particularly helpful; you can see what domains are available and which have been listed for sale (and for how much).


Hand registration requires some patience. There are over 160 million registered .com domains, so decent domains to register in .com are limited. And you can always venture out to other TLDs.


AI tools have definitely changed my view of hand-registering domains.


Source from Domain Name Wire


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