NiceNIC Announces .TM Domain Accreditation

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NiceNIC.NET keeps getting better and better. Now, we are so excited to announce that we already got one of the Accredited Registrars for the .TM domain name extension.

As the most SPECIAL domain Registrar with the BEST Services in Asia and ICANN Accredited domain name provider, this is just another way to extend the global footprint and offer a piece of the web to everyone.

NiceNIC Announces .TM Domain Accreditation - NiceNIC.NET

What's .TM domain name?
.TM is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Turkmenistan. It is operated by Internet Computer Bureau.
It has been marketed as a domain for businesses with TradeMarks, due to the common use of "TM" in this context.

Why Choose a Turkmenistanian .TM Domain Name?
Each year, businesses and other entities spend millions on developing and promoting their brands and identity, both in a traditional "bricks and mortar" fashion and on the Internet. While establishing a brand and identity is vital for commercial success, equally important is the experience of potential customers when interacting with the brand and identity. This is particularly important in the "virtual" world where there must not only be trust and confidence in a brand, but in the legitimacy of the party posting the brand on its website.
.TM is the perfect choice to promote your products or ideas on the Web!
.TM domain name is designed to protect your assets and give you peace of mind, the .TM domain helps you to instantly benefit from your Domain name for a very long time so you can concentrate on what really matters in your business.

Who can register .TM domain name?
.XXX domain names are available to everyone.
The only requirement for .TM domain registration is that it cannot infringe on trademark rights of others.

Do I need a trademark/brand name to register .TM? - No.

Are there any additional fees for .TM domain name? - No.

Start to Register .TM domain name with NiceNIC.NET now! Click HERE

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