$9.99 Promos and Deals - Save on .INFO Domains

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$9.99 Promos and Deals - Save on .INFO Domains | NiceNIC.NET

Spread the word about your product, service or cause with .INFO Domain Name!


A .info domain showcases where information lives. It can be about your product, services, research, cause, event or whatever. The .info domain is globally recognized as a trusted destination for information — the right answer from one source in one search — and the engaging way to go if you have info to share.


.info domain goes beyond info.


While millions around the world use .info to distinguish their online content and amplify it in an increasingly confusing and crowded internet, a .info domain can help you stand out and heighten the organic reach of your website. Just think of how many people use the search term "info."


Why choose .INFO domain?

The .info top level domain isn’t like the other thousands of TLDs on the market. This trailblazing domain name was one of the first alternatives to .com. The .info domain extension came to being after ICANN released seven new generic top level domains (gTLDs). This momentous event was the first wave of new TLDs since the domain name system was developed in the 1980s. Of that initial release of seven new domain extensions, .info has been one of the most successful, even with the current availability of hundreds of other options.


Buying a .info domain name extension can be a simple decision. It is one of the first domains introduced as an alternative to the .com domain extension. .info is a popular top-level domain and carries credibility.


.info stands for “information”, whether that is information on your services, portfolio, company, or event. People know what to expect when visiting .info websites. It is a short and memorable domain that amplifies your brand on the internet.


.info Domain FAQs


Find answers to frequently asked questions about .info domain names.


What Is a .info Domain Name?

A .info domain is a generic top-level domain (TLD) that stands for information. It is one of the most popular alternatives to .com or .net domain extensions. Anyone can register .info domains to create information websites for their audience.


.info TLD is used predominantly for business purposes to inform and inspire the audience. Thus, institutions such as museums and libraries often choose this domain for their websites.


Let your ideas run wild with a .info domain extension. It's a domain designed for anyone wanting to promote their ideas and share information on the internet.


Are .info Domains Safe and Reliable?

Yes. .info websites can be as effective and SEO-friendly as other websites with renowned extensions like .com.


Who Can Register .info Domain Names?

.info domain registration is available for everyone – there are no restrictions.


Often, this domain attracts people who want to make information about their products or services available to the wider public or want to purchase a .com domain but find it unavailable.


How Much Is .info Domain Registration?

You can buy a .info domain name at the price of $9.99/year with NiceNIC.NET!


If you encounter any issue, our 24/7 Customer Success team is always available to help!

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$9.99 .INFO

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