Sales rebound at SnapNames/NameJet, top sale $75k

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Sales rebound at SnapNames/NameJet, top sale $75k

Expired domain market roars back thanks to a few big sales.

Sales rebounded at Snapnames and NameJet last month.

The two platforms combined for 63 sales of $2,000 or more, totaling $522k. This compares to 51 domains and $262k in February.

Here are some notable sales for the month: $75,000 – Unlike many domains that sell for a lot of money, this one doesn’t have anything to do with SEO backlinks. The most common search result is for a manga film that is being turned into a live action movie. But the most likely future buyer is a clothing store that uses the domain Will anyone pay the buyer’s new $600k $6 million asking price, though? That’s what it’s listed for on BrandBucket. $63,088 – Another fairly surprising sale that doesn’t appear to have a connection to SEO (although the domain was previously developed). This one has lots of potential uses, though. The name evokes modern or modular, and several companies use the name Modu. It’s also short for Mobile Offshore Drilling Units, an oil industry term. $62,500 – This domain was previously used by an electronics components company. $25,111 – A bit higher than the three-letter floor price. This domain is pronounceable, although it fails the radio test when pronounced as a “word”. $22,724 – The name of a stew, this name has been adopted by many companies. $19,850 – A solid exact match domain for the log cabin industry. Or a particular pancake syrup company. $6,246 – This domain has many potential uses. A porter is the person who carries your luggage at a hotel. It’s also a type of beer. And many companies use this name. $5,556 – Domain investors love their plant names. is currently on ProductHunt, and you can play pyramid solitaire here.

Source from Domain Name Wire


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