Sectigo, the Rebirth of Comodo CA

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Sectigo, the Rebirth of Comodo CA | NiceNIC.NET

Leading global SSL certificate

Chosen by 40% SSL users


Sectigo (formerly Comodo CA) is the leading CA company in the global SSL certificate market, with nearly 40% of SSL certificate users choosing Sectigo, which is trusted and welcomed by a large number of webmasters due to the security of its products and its low price.Sectigo SSL certificates, including OV SSL, DV SSL, EV SSL, code signing, etc., provide various types of digital certificate security solutions for websites and enterprises. Sectigo SSL certificates include OV SSL, DV SSL, EV SSL, Code Signing, etc. Sectigo offers a wide range of digital certificate security solutions for websites and businesses, including Sectigo, Positive SSL, Sectigo Enterprise, and more.


Sectigo SSL Certificates are a cost-effective solution for websites to secure their customer transactions and visitors. In addition to their low cost, each certificate includes a highly functional package of features that make them ideal for small and medium-sized businesses as well as personal websites. Choosing Sectigo SSL means that your website will enjoy industry-standard, high-security levels of protection. In addition, you will also get extra tools that will enable you to gain the trust of your customers and increase sales conversions.


Sectigo also continues to innovate in its products. For example, with Sectigo's unique"Single Point of Authentication" technology, every time a customer mouses over a Sectigo badge, the system instantly displays yourorganization's authentication information and security guarantees from Sectigo. Information is transmitted with a 2048-bit signature and up to 256-bit encryption, ensuring your customers' information is secure.


Sectigo's root certificates are embedded in all major browsers and devices and are trusted by 99.9% of Internet users.


Security Updates via Cloud-Based

Provide the most recent threat intelligence against cyber threat payloads and signatures to every endpoint, network, and workload.


Make use of endpoint detection and response to defend against unknown threats.

Protection against fresh or undiscovered cyberattacks through the use of potent static, dynamic, and patented behavioral AI.


Attack Chain Visualizations

Learn the entire context of an attack to make sense of the steps hackers are taking to compromise your network.

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