Sedo end user sales led by an interesting .org domain name

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A wireless audio company, a crypto company and a clothing company bought domain names.


Sedo sold some nice mid-five-figure domains this week, but only one can be directly tied to an end user at this point.


Here's a list of end user domain name sales that just completed at Sedo. You can view previous lists like this here.


FTP .org $35,000 - File Transfer Protocol? Nope. It stands for F*ck The Population and forwards to the longer URL in .com. $10,000 - DTS Play-Fi sells wireless audio systems. It forwards this domain to


Gold365 .com $9,988 - It looks like this will be some sort of betting site. $9,995 - People's Partnership is a UK financial firm that recently rebranded from B&CE. $8,800 - The domain is registered to Stiftung Grundeinkommen gGmbH, which advocates for basic incomes. I don't know what this domain is for. EURO 5,500 - UAB Leverix Digital Assets is a crypto trading company. EURO 3,750 - Inherent is a French IT company. This domain forwards to its matching .fr domain. $3,499 - The buyer is connected to Projhs, which appears to be a healthcare company. EURO 3,370 - This domain forwards to, which promotes a handful of pharmacies. $3,144 - This will be a site about growing plants. $3,000 - Youthwear is a clothing company. EURO 2,999 - Wirtschaftszeit is a publication covering the Austrian economy. It translates to Economic Times and appears to own the matching .at domain. EURO 2,200 - Lernterm is German for learning tower. The domain forwards to the website for Tissi, which sells a product that "raises your child to the optimal position. This was designed in such a way that your child can be closer to the work in the kitchen or at the table and can thus notice social interactions early on and learn from you." (This is a Google Translation.) $2,200 - A commercial laundry service bought this domain to forward to its website at (singular).


Source from Domain Name Wire


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