Suggest a great domain name for this upcoming global brand

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Suggest a great domain name for this upcoming global brand -

How should this publicly traded company brand itself for an international audience?


Lixiang might need a new brand for the global market. Image from corporate website.


When you see the name "Li Auto ", what do you think of? It suggests to me a car repair shop operating in my neighborhood. Well, Li Auto is actually a rising star in the new wave of electric cars in China.


Li Auto is the English name of Lixiang, which I profiled in "Is your ideal car Lixiang? " Founded in 2015, Lixiang went public on the Nasdaq in just 5 years, followed by a planned listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange this month. So the company is well-funded for rebranding and domain acquisition.


Li Auto operates from, but no English content is provided, suggesting it is still a domestic business. This may be a good time to consider their brand/domain strategy and prepare for the global market. Below are three options I propose.


Brand: Li (

Since it is already called "Li Auto ", upgrading to "Li " will be straightforward. The name is short and easy to remember. However, the matching domain is operated by Legatum Institute, a London-based think-tank. The institute also owns, which forwards to So, acquiring from Legatum Institute may be difficult.


Brand: Lixiang (

This is the least expensive option. Just stop using the "Li Auto " name but extend the brand "Lixiang " and domain beyond China. You may think "Lixiang " is hard to pronounce outside China. However, there are many brands with similar issues that are still globally successful, such as Mercedes-Benz (, Mitsubishi (, and Huawei (


Brand: Ideal (

Lixiang (理想) means "Ideal ", which can be an excellent brand. The name is short and positive, and it inspires car owners to dream. Unfortunately, the matching domain is already a site operated by AI startup Ideal. The good news is that the company was bought out in April this year, so there is a chance to acquire the domain.


What would you recommend to Lixiang?


Source from Domain Name Wire


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