The story of twins .cc domain name registration with large registration volume and low profile

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If there are any unforgettable domain name suffixes in the domain name world, in addition to the popular .ai domain name, the conventional com, cn, and net, there are also twin suffixes. Speaking of twin suffixes, there are only 6 in the world. They are: .bb domain name (Barbados), .cc domain name (Cocos Islands), .ee domain name (Estonia), .gg domain name (Guernsey), .mm domain name (Myanmar), .tt domain name (Trinini) Dart and Tobago).

Compared with the popularity of .tt domain names in the early years, others have been relatively low-key. The reason is actually very simple. Due to the impact of registration requirements, the number of registrations has been outstripped by .tt domain names. But among the remaining .bb domain names, cc domain names, .ee domain names, .gg domain names and .mm domain names, the .cc domains has the highest number of registrations and attention.

What is a .cc domain name
The .cc domain name is the national domain name of the Australian territory of the Cocolin Islands. It is at the same level as our cn. The cc domain name is very popular. It is one of the most popular domain names besides international top-level domain names, with up to 6,000 people using it to build websites. There are over 10,000 cc domain names. It can be seen that the cc domain name has a strong influence. Currently, there are many websites and collections. Therefore, it is also widely loved by companies and investors around the world. Nike, Coke, Goodyear and Intel have all registered it. And it has been put into use. Just a year ago, a company in Los Angeles purchased for more than one million US dollars, which shows that it is a very valuable asset.

In our country, the cc domain name also has special meanings such as "Chinese business", "Chinese company", "commercial company", "Chinese business", etc. Therefore, Chinese people all over the world have a soft spot for it.

cc domain name transaction story
Why is it said that the number of cc domain name registrations is large but low-key? According to namecheap's 2023 data, the .cc domain name ranks 9th among global country-level domain names in terms of registration volume, ranking among the top 10.
The story of domain name registration with large registration volume and low profile

cc domain name registration volume ranking

Moreover, the .cc domain name has been in use for 26 years, and many high-quality .cc domain names have been auctioned.
In March 2015, changed hands for a six-digit price
In April 2015, was acquired by investor Dashao
In May 2015, was auctioned for 770,000

And these well-known brands
China Recruitment Network:
China Nuclear Power:
Quantum Hi-Tech:

The high transaction volume is no less than that of other domain names, but the owners of .cc domain names are relatively low-key and do not know how to seize hot spots and get traffic like Lao Luo!

How to register a .cc domain name

You can register directly on our global domain name registration platform. As a domain name registrar with 17 years of experience, we have provided domain name registration for more than 600,000 users at home and abroad. It is safe and reliable!

Step 1: Click directly: Register .cc domain name

The story of domain name registration with large registration volume and low profile

Step 2: In the search box, enter the domain name you want to register and click Search
The story of domain name registration with large registration volume and low profile

Step 3: If [Register Available] is displayed, it means that the domain name has not been registered. You can click [Register Now] to register the domain name.

The operation is very simple and convenient. Whether you are doing business in the Cocos Islands or protecting your company's domain name brand, you should register the .cc suffix as soon as possible to protect the company's brand assets.
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In addition, the editor has helped you sort out some high-quality .cc domain names

proper noun


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