Top 10 Blockchain Domain Names

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Top 10 Blockchain Domain Names | NiceNIC.NET

Web3 is picking up pace, and grabbing a blockchain-based domain name early could be worthwhile.



 Blockchain domains like .eth, .btc, .tez, .avax, .sol, .dot, .bnb, .polygon, .hbar, and .klay offer users the ability to create user-friendly digital identities and replace long crypto wallet addresses.

 Some of these domains function as NFTs and can be used for decentralized websites, applications, and communication between Web2 and Web3 platforms.

 Prices for these domains vary, ranging from annual renewals to one-time fees, and it's important for brands and creators to secure their preferred Web3 digital identity early in the evolving internet landscape to avoid paying inflated prices later on.


Blockchain domains have gained attention over the last few years as people rush to scoop names before everyone jumps onto the Web3 train. But most importantly, these domains enable users to enjoy the benefits of blockchain technology.


While blockchain domains are synonymous with Web3 domains, in this context, we're only referring to domains backed by existing blockchains since they generally have the most growth potential in the Web3 space. Below are some of the top blockchain domain systems.


1. .eth Domains

2. .btc Domains

3. .tez Domains

4. .avax Domains

5.  .sol Domains

6. .dot Domains

7. .bnb Domains

8. .polygon Domains

9. .hbar Domains

10. .klay Domains


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