What is the value of the .store domain name used by NBA teams? How to register without information

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The .store domain name is a new top-level domain name, which means: store, shop, mall. It is very suitable for brands and malls to develop online businesses. The store domain name has gradually become one of the hottest new top-level domain name suffixes in the field of e-commerce, and is a well-known global brand. and small and medium-sized e-commerce companies are increasingly enabling store domain names. Of course, the .store domain name has no restrictions, so it is suitable for all walks of life.
What is the value of the .store domain name used by NBA teams? How to register without information
.store domain name industry use cases

Sports brand terminal application

Whether it’s Formula 1, the Los Angeles Lakers, the NBA or the Boston Celtics, .store has been used by numerous sports brands on their official merchandise websites. These brands have found that using .store domain names can help them gain visibility more easily than long, complex, and difficult-to-remember URLs. For example, if you click on www.f1.store and www.nba.store, you will directly see their respective e-commerce web pages. The same goes for www.lakers.store (Los Angeles Lakers), www.celtics.store (Boston Celtics) and www.warriors.store (Golden State Warriors).

This type of domain can better interact with fans of the team, which is a huge advantage for the brand. The .store domain name also clearly distinguishes it from sports portals that publish schedules and game news.

Media terminal applications

If you're in the United States and want to search for a magazine store near you, you'll probably type "magazine store" into Google. Meredith Corporation is a media group that owns more than 300 magazines, including Better Homes and Gardens, Recipe Network and Diabetes Daily. It has established a complete online magazine store by purchasing the domain name www.magazine.store. You can subscribe to any of their magazines here.

The website name is a keyword, rich in meaning and intuitive, so that it is easy for customers to find it. There is also Interweave, a giant arts and crafts company, which uses the interweave .store domain name. With just one click, you can be taken directly to Interweave's magazine and resource online store.

Pop Culture Terminal App

As a very popular slang dictionary website, Urban Dictionary has launched its official online store with the domain name www.urbandictionary.store. This website is a great advantage for Urban Dictionary. Urban Dictionary can not only easily promote its brand online, but also communicate with customers, who can find all the products they want here.

Choosing this domain name is a typical practice of using domain names with .store to build a brand image in the e-commerce field. Other examples of this domain name include www.dudeperfect.store, a popular American sports and entertainment group. The American science fiction comedy "Back to the Future" uses the domain name www.backtothefuture.store to attract fans to log in to its e-commerce website. The official online store of American indie pop band, Foster the People is also www.fosterthepeople.store

Travel terminal applications

Emirates airline Emirates has launched its official online store at www.emirates.store, another example of using intuitive domain keywords for its e-commerce platform. The high-end car brand Porsche has launched the domain name www.porsche.store, where users can find the nearest Porsche experience store based on their geographical location.

Terminal cases in various industries

From animal care websites (www.catcafe.store and www.poochandmutt.store), yoga clothing online stores (www.theyogi.store), to online tea shops (www.unytea.store) to gin specialty store websites (www .juniperclub.store) – Whether it is a small company or a large enterprise, domain names with .store have penetrated into various industries. Company bosses have found that using websites with .store domain names can more easily help the company's brand gain visibility on the Internet. Such domain names not only make it easier to promote the company's website, but can also catch users' attention.

There is no doubt that the registration value of .store domain name is still very high!

How to register .store domain name registration

The method to register a .store domain name is very simple. You can just register it directly on the premium global domain name registration platform.
Register with the premium global domain name platform (NiceNIC.NET), a domain name registrar with 18 years of experience and branches in Hong Kong and the United States.

Step 1: Click: Search and register .store domain name
What is the value of the .store domain name used by NBA teams? How to register without information

Step 2: If [Can be registered] is displayed, it means that the domain name has not been registered, and you can register the domain name directly.

No matter what kind of business you are doing, or you are protecting your domain name and brand, you should register the .store suffix as soon as possible to protect the company's brand assets.

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