Which countries love their ccTLDs and which don't?

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Which countries love their ccTLDs and which don't? | NiceNIC.NET

It's not a .com world in every country.


If you live in the United States, you can be forgiven for thinking we live in a .com-only world. Nearly all domain names you see end in .com, not the country's .us domain name extension.


But that's not the case in all countries. Travel around Europe and parts of South America, and it's a very different picture. You're more likely to see the country code domain than .com in many places.


The data company recently analyzed the data and quantified ccTLD vs. .com usage for many countries.


For example, in Germany, you are much more likely to see .de than .com: .de has a 79% share of websites in the country vs. 21% for .com. (The analysis only compared the ccTLD to .com, not other top level domains.)


This shouldn't surprise anyone who has visited Germany. De is a very popular domain with over 15 million registrations.


The countries with the highest concentration of ccTLD usage in the analysis are Russia, Chile, Brazil, Poland, and South Africa.


Data Provider said the data covers all available websites, so this includes "placeholder" websites as well. It's based on the crawler and other sources.


As for which country has the lowest percentage of ccTLDs used versus .com? The company confirmed that its analysis points to the USA. You probably didn't need data to tell you that.

Source from Domain Name Wire


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