19 end user sales from the holidays

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End users bought these domains over the holidays.


Last week, Sedo published sales from the last three weeks. I posted the end user sales from the most recent list last week.


Today, let's look at the end user sales from two weeks over the holidays. You can view previous lists like this here.


Teamo.com $80,500 - Temu, a popular shopping app and site, bought this domain and forwards it to temo.com. Apparently, it has a radio test problem with its domain.


GenuineInnovation.com $8,888 - BlueCallom, an innovation consulting firm, forwards this domain to its website.


Omh.net $8,800 - OMH is a digital branding company.


Yucon.de EURO 8,400 - Yucon is a camper made by Frankia-GP GmbH. It forwards this domain to a subdomain on Frankia.com about the camper.


Capicua.com $8,695 - Software and design company Capicua bought this domain, which it forwards to its longer domain WeAreCapicua.com.


Neope.com $5,867 - Neope is a payments service.


Stairville.com $5,759 - Stairville is a brand of lighting accessories.


Plein.fr EURO 5,000 - Plein sells household goods including food, toys, and pet supplies. It forwards this domain to plein.nl.


Gasby.com $3,995 - Gasby is a clothing company in Kuwait.


Digi-software.de EURO 3,500 -Digi-Software GmbH bought this domain name.


Deutschland-solar.com EURO 2,900 - This is a solar power company.


Bellame.org $2,895 - Bellame is a line of skincare products. It forwards this domain to Bellame.com.


Kaffee.io $2,699 -  R. Timpe GmbH sells coffee machines. Kaffee means coffee in German.


TryTandem.com $2,499 - Tandem matches mentors with startups.


SocialMe.eu EURO 2,499 - SocialMe is a branding company for employers.


Conga.fr EURO 2,450  - Conga provides revenue management tools. It forwards this domain to conga.com.


V1e.com EURO 2,000 - V1 Engineering sells tools such as 3d printer parts, lowrider parts, and more. It forwards this domain to v1engineering.com.


Portals.org $2,000 - This is cool. Portals are technology art sculptures. They put theses in cities and landmarks and they act as a video portal to other cities. Benediktas Gylys Foundation is behind the project.


Switchbar.com $2,000 - Switchbar is a tool for Macs that lets you choose which browser, profile and email client to use when clicking on a link.


Source from Domain Name Wire


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