7 factors rank a good domain registrar

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Question: What do people look for in a domain registrar?
Do NOT lose my domains, give them to me cheap, and be there to help.
We are going to kick off the results from this year Domain Name Wire survey with a look at which factors drive people to select their domain registrar.
About 1,500 people ranked seven separate factors, and the results were the exact same as last year:
1. Security
2. Price
3. Customer service
4. Account management tools
5. Value added services
6. Intra-registrar transfers
7. What they do with expired domains
We IISP.HK can not agree more, and always serve clients as so.
This makes sense. The way a typical domain investor thinks when choosing a registrar is:
1. I certainly will not use you if I think you might lose my domains (security).
2. I also will not use you if you’re too expensive. I have lots of domains, and a few bucks a name matters. (price)
3. Now I need to make sure you’ll be there to help me (service).
It is also worth noting that domainers really do not care what domain registrars do with expired domains. They might gripe about domain registrars keeping expired domains, but domain investors do not care (when it comes to choosing a registrar for themselves) because they think they will  never let a good domain expire anyway. (source: Domain Name Wire)
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