What I'm focusing on in 2023

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Here's how I'm approaching my domain investing business in 2023.


It's a new year and a fresh start. Here's what I'm planning to do this year.


Buying more expired domains


I took a break from buying domains in the latter half of last year because I was working on a project that took a lot of my time (more on that at a later date). But in the last few weeks of the year, I started to rev up my domain purchases, and I plan to continue that in 2023.

I'm focusing a lot on buying domains at GoDaddy, specifically through the investor app. The app is much-improved, including the ability to purchase closeouts through the app rather than logging into the website. I'm also revving up my DropCatch backorders. In 2023, I plan to try backordering at Sav. The company has amassed a bunch of registrar creds, and I think it's worth backorder .com domains there in addition to DropCatch.

I bought a couple of domains at SnapNames last month, but it's usually not worth the pain and suffering that comes along with it.


Buy Now


I continue to switch the bulk of my inventory to Buy Now instead of negotiating. And for negotiating, I'm happy to pass that off to Afternic to handle.

Last week I negotiated back and forth on a sale over a few days. The person promised to pay the $11,000 within 12 hours if I accepted his latest counter. I agreed. Then, crickets. It's just not worth the back and forth when so many people don't end up going through with a transaction.


Dropping the losers


I spent much of December renewing domains. I renewed 95% of my domains that expire in 2023, so I don't have to think about them until the end of next year. In 2023, I plan to apply a critical eye to my portfolio. Just because I've renewed a domain for ten years doesn't mean I should renew it for another.


Switching to Mac


I've been a PC user my entire life, but I switched to Mac last week. I knew it would be a struggle, and it will continue to be for a couple of months. I have to retrain decades of muscle memory for keyboard shortcuts. This post has taken me a lot more time than usual as I learn that Control+Left doesn't do what I expect it to. It's frustrating, but I think it's good to learn new things. And everyone I know who has switched says they've appreciated it in the long run.


Focusing on what I can control


There's a lot of noise out there right now. Much of it concerns stuff you can't control. One of my goals this year is to focus on what I can and worry less about the other stuff.


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