Why Webmasters Create Facebook Pages and Twitter Accounts
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As a web user or a webmaster, You will notice Twitter and Facebook logos every where and if you press on the logo of Facebook, a page will appear and it’s called Facebook page, I post right now 5 reasons for creating Twitter account and Facebook pages with your website name.


1- More preferred to clients. People will like liking or following more than adding their mail and receive messages on it.

2- Giving support to clients. Easy supporting via social network account as the most internet users are members on Facebook and Twitter.

3- Getting more traffic. When i like your Facebook it will appear to my friends that i like for example ( and this will make my friends check page to see what is it and may they will be readers at my blog. Also it appears at Twitter in the activity part.

4- Easy contacting with clients. With your social account you get make more deals and make more sales to your products.

5- Newsletter method. Facebook and Twitter and a good way to inform people with your latest news.


Don’t wait and create a Facebook page and Twitter account with your website and win these important points.



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