.XXX Search Engine be Launched on 27 Sep 2012
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ICM Registry, the company behind .XXX domain, announced recently that they will be launching on September 27, 2012 a new search engine, dedicated to developed .XXX websites at


The company said that was developed in order to deliver highly relevant search results. Moreover, the company said that the new search engine will bring more value to .XXX domain names through additional traffic generation.


The search engine will only list developed .XXX website. However, non-members of the Sponsored Community will be excluded. Therefore, if you want to get your .XXX website promoted on Search.XXX you will have to be an official member of the Sponsored Community.


Some important guidelines include :

The engine will only crawl fully developed .XXX websites; links to non .XXX TLDs will not be crawled.

If your .XXX website is forwarded to an adult site with a .COM, .NET, etc. extension, your DNS must use an 'A' record to point your .XXX to your web servers IP address, not a CNAME record. The search engine will only function on other TLDs if the URL is masked.

Robots.txt files must be configured correctly, thus limiting the search engine crawl to visible pages only.

As with any website each page must have good SEO, keywords should be used in titles, URLs, domain name and content.

If you do not want your .XXX domain to be listed on the Search.XXX engine, you can send your request here.


You can register your .XXX domain name here.

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