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You may use the domain name transfer process to submit an automatic request for a domain name transfer from another Registrar to NiceNIC. Transferring a domain name to NiceNIC means that you are choosing NiceNIC as the Registrar of record for that domain name, allowing you to take advantage of NiceNIC's competitive pricing for domain name registration and renewal. Once a domain name has been transferred to NiceNIC it appears in your NiceNIC member account and can be manipulated and modified just like any other domain name in the account.

Transferring domain names from another Registrar to NiceNIC extends your registration by one (1) year from its current expiration date. The price to transfer names depends on your account level, higher level, lower price. In the event that we are unable to transfer a name, the transfer price will be credited to your account.

1. You must have access to the administrative contact email address on file for the domain name. During the transfer process, you will be required to confirm the transfer request via email. The confirmation message will be sent to the administrative contact email address on file with the current registrar for the domain name; if you do not have access to this email address, please contact your current registrar for information on changing it before initiating a Transfer of Registrar request.
2. You may NOT transfer a Domain Name if that name was registered or transferred within the past 60 days or if that name, or any information associated with it, is currently in dispute
3. com, .net and .org domain names can only be registered for a term not to exceed 10 years.

The transfer procedure goes like this:
1. You submit a transfer request on NiceNIC's homepage or Domain Transfer page
2. You complete the payment to renew the domain name for at least 1 year.
3. There will be 5 calendar days for you to finally decide whether to transfer the domain name to NiceNIC or not. If you make no further action, we will process the domain transfer.
4. After the transfer request is confirmed we will process the transfer request by contacting the registry which will contact the current Registrar about this request.
5. Note: the transfer process may take approximately 5 to 10 calendar days after you initiate and confirm the transfer request. We strongly suggest you to initiate your transfer request 2 weeks prior to the domain's expiry date.

Yes. If the domain transfer is unsuccessful, we will firstly refund the renewal fee to your account as credits, if you hope to refund the renewal fee to your PayPAL or Credit Cart, please contact us by Ticket or Email.

Sure. Please follow "My Account > My Domain > Manage > Domain Push". So easy!
Note: No processing fee will be generated in Domain Push.

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