1&2 Character .Asia Domains Sunrise & Lanrush

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1&2 Character .Asia Domains Sunrise & Lanrush - NiceNIC.NET

The 1&2 character .Asia domains Sunrise process commenced at October 22nd 12:00 noon UTC.

Sunrise phase will run for seven days, ending on Wednesday, October 30th, 24:00 UTC. Where domain names with only one successfully verified application will be delegated to the applicant. For domain names with more than one successfully verified application, an auction for the domain will be held between the successfully verified applicants.

As indicated in the "One- & Two- ASCII Character .ASIA Release Policies", section 3.2, all Sunrise Applications are subjected to a verification process. Please ensure your Sunrise application include the following data for the verification of Trademark rights including:

Registered Mark: Exact word or phrase described by the Registered Mark as applied to the Domain Name Applied For;

Registration Number: Registration or serial number of the Registered Mark’s current registration. This is not the trademark application number. This number must enable the Verification Agent to access the correct registration entry in the trademark registry or trademark office;

Registration Locality: Location (country/economy) where the right is established (using the corresponding WIPO Standard ST.3 two-letter code);

Application Date: Date the Registered Mark was applied (corresponding to the registration described by the Registration Number and Registration Locality in 2 and 3 above);

Registration Date: Date on which the competent trademark office has registered the Registered Mark (this is not the application date but the day for which the mark is registered and has entered into full force and effect);

Registered Class: Number of the Class of the Registered Mark according to the Nice Classification System (http://www.wipo.int/classifications/nivilo/nice/index.htm#). If more than one class has been registered with the domain, anyone can be used.

Nature of Entitlement: Whether the Applicant (corresponding to the Registrant Contact) holds the trademark as the original "OWNER", "CO-OWNER" or "ASSIGNEE". Please utilize "ASSIGNEE" also to indicate where the ownership of the Registered Mark is not yet reflected by the trademark office, such as in the case where the mark is recently transferred.

All Sunrise applications will be charged some non-refundable application fee. Single non-contested applications will be allocated immediately after successful verification with minimum two-year registration. Multiple applications please go into auction on Registry of .Asia's auction partner, Sedo's platform: https://www.sedo.com/us/sedo/connecting-asia-with-one-domain/?et_cid=16&et_lid=246412&et_sub=DotASIA_October&language=e

"Premium 1 & 2 Character .Asia" Landrush starts on November 5th.

How to apply?
--> Submit an application through an ICANN & .Asia Accredited Registrar.

1&2 Character .Asia Domains Sunrise & Lanrush - NiceNIC.NET

Finding an effective domain name is paramount for any business in today’s digital age. The most coveted domain names are often short, memorable and keyword rich. These domains are created to captivate your targeted audience, as well as appeal to the search engines.

The .Asia registry is offering priority registrations for premium single and double character .Asia domains, such as ‘8.asia’, 28.asia’ and ‘X.asia’. Not only are these domains short and compelling, they also contain a keyword and geo identifier – Asia.

Single and double character .Asia domain names are easy to remember and can be quickly shared, while short numeric strings can all together transcend language barriers. These domains are highly sought-after virtual real estate due to their scarcity and their simple nature.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to:
* LAUNCH effective and memorable Asia Marketing Campaign websites
* SNATCH up lucrative investment in prime virtual real estate
* INCREASE brand discoverability, harvest type-in traffic

The one and two character .Asia domain release will begin with a Sunrise offering of one and two character domains, giving trademark owners an opportunity to register domains that contain their owned marks.

A Landrush period will follow, enabling the general public to register additional premium one and two character .Asia domains.

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