NiceNIC 2013 RAA ICANN Accredited Registrar

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Congratulations to NiceNIC on Getting 2013 RAA ICANN Accredited

The 2013 RAA ICANN logo indicates that the registrar has signed the 2013 Registrar Accreditation Agreement ("RAA"), which is the contract that governs the registrar relationship with ICANN. The 2013 RAA provides enhanced protections for registrants and an increased level of accountability for registrars, including but not limited to added registrar posting requirements, added compliance enforcement tools and increased accountability to third parties. Prospective registrants may want to take this fact into account when selecting a registrar for their gTLD name(s).

The 2013 RAA ICANN logo is not an indication of how long the registrar has been ICANN accredited. You can view this contract at

* Only 2013 RAA ICANN Accredited Registrar can sell new top level domain names(new gTLDs).

NiceNIC Chinese version: IISP.COM

NiceNIC English version: NiceNIC.NET

2013 RAA ICANN Accredited Registrar

2013 RAA ICANN Accredited Registrar

A summary of 2013 RAA high level changes:

* Signing the agreement is a prerequisite to selling new top level domain names
* Registrars must now verify the identity of domain registrants through either a phone or e-mail verification system. The Registrant must confirm their details within 15 days after registration, or registration can be suspended or terminated.
* The Registrar will retain data (records of your account, registration data and certain correspondence) for two years after registrant changes registrar or domain expires.
  Other data including payment/transaction confirmations and registrant IP-address must be kept for 180 days after the registration.
  But it is duly noted that data retention must be in compliance with local law.
* Registrants are obligated to update contact information with the registrar within seven days of any changes.
* Registrant's proxy or privacy service will have to escrow contact details. ICANN will however only be able to access this information, if the current registrar loses accreditation or goes out of business.
* ICANN will force registrars to sign the new RAA if not now, then soon, since all registrars that want to sell new gTLDs, will have to adopt the 2013 RAA.
  Registrars that have signed the 2009 RAA contract will have to sign the new 2013 RAA as old versions of the RAA will not be renewed when they expire in 2014.

Consider the impact on your organization when Registrars adopt the new RAA – you may already be wondering if there's an easy way to bridge these changes … and the answer is: Yes!

By simply outsourcing your domain portfolio provisioning to NiceNIC.NET and by becoming NiceNIC's customer, your registrations will be administered by our accreditation. 95% of all our transactions are automated – even with the new requirements imposed by the 2013 RAA.

Bypass all the administrative hassle and technical issues complying to the new 2013 RAA and register as a partner with NiceNIC.NET today!

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