Comodo, The largest CA in the world, Top Commercial SSL Brand

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Comodo, The largest CA in the world, Top Commercial SSL Brand | NiceNIC.NET

Find out what makes Comodo the fastest growing player in the web security industry


A sub-brand of the world-famous CA Sectigo

The Top Commercial SSL Brand (Comodo)


PositiveSSL is a sub-brand of the world-famous CA Sectigo, and is also the top commercial SSL certificate in the global issuance volume, with low price and high security, and has a very high share in personal websites and small and medium-sized enterprise websites.


PositiveSSL Certificates is the world's most cost-effective solution for website communication security, providing industry-standard high-strength RSA 2048 and ECC algorithms. Its EV SSL certificates allow customers to obtain industry high trusted website verification at a very low price, thus increasing the credibility of the website.


PositiveSSL is a sub-brand of Sectigo, with its unique "single point of verification" technology, when the mouse toPositiveSSL's trusted seal, the system can automatically display the enterprise verification information and security guarantees provided by PositiveSSL.


PositiveSSL's certificates are trusted by all major browsers and devices and have good compatibility.


Few brands in the web security industry can boast the kind of resume that Comodo has. With over 700,000 business customers and 85-million desktop security installations under its belt, Comodo has captured more than 40% of the market share and that figure continues to grow by the day. Privately owned and established in 1998, Comodo is aggressive and highly agile-capable of staying on the cutting edge of security trends. If your company is looking to find a perfect security solution to fit its needs, while also aligning itself with a brand name that people trust-you can't go wrong with Comodo.


Security Updates via Cloud-Based

Provide the most recent threat intelligence against cyber threat payloads and signatures to every endpoint, network, and workload.


Make use of endpoint detection and response to defend against unknown threats.

Protection against fresh or undiscovered cyberattacks through the use of potent static, dynamic, and patented behavioral AI.


Attack Chain Visualizations

Learn the entire context of an attack to make sense of the steps hackers are taking to compromise your network.

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