End user domain sales including a $50,000 .org

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End user domain sales including a $50,000 .org | NiceNIC.NET

A background check provider, a mining company, and a French restaurant bought domain names.


This week's top public sale at Sedo is an interesting one: 1337.org for $50,000.


Here's a list of end user domain name sales that just completed at Sedo. You can view previous lists like this here.


1337.org $50,000-I spent a few minutes on the site and still don't understand what it is. A movie? A video game? Just an AI company? 1337 is "leet", or using numbers in place of letters in words. The copyright notice is 1337AI. I'm unsure if this is a marketing effort from the AI company using 1337 .ai.


Zeb.fr EURO 7,500-Zeb is a multi-brand fashion store. This domain forwards to the matching .be domain.


Gorby.com $6,000-This domain forwards to gorby.media. As best I can tell using Google Translate, Gorby is a Russian publication named after Mikhail Gorbachev.


Gcheck.com EURO 4,900-Guaranteed Check is a background check company.


Plesir.com $4,000-When I plug the domain and contents into Google Translate, it says that the domain is Javanese for "recreation" and the coming soon message is, "A site will be coming soon that will be very helpful in your life, Stay tuned!!"


Polyhalite.com $3,500-This domain forwards to Poly4.com, which promotes a fertilizer owned by mining company Anglo American.


StayGood.de EURO 3,000-The website at this domain is merely a frame of garmisch-ferienwohnung.de, which offers vacation rentals in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, a town in Germany.


Bestraft.de EURO 3,000-Bestraft is German for "Punished". This domain forwards to Geblitzt.de, a site that helps law firms handle traffic tickets.


ChaletduLac.com EURO 2,450-Chalet du Lac is a restaurant and events center in Paris.


Wohnrechner.de EURO 2,200-This domain forwards to the matching .online domain. The site offers real estate documents.


Source from Domain Name Wire


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