FAQs for Technical Terms of Domain Names

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Q1: What is DNS?
A: Domain Name System (DNS) is a system which is used to translate human-recognizable computer hostname into the IP address so that the machine of this IP address can be reached over the network.

Q2: What is WHOIS?
A: WHOIS is used to query the information of a domain such as domain holder, contact details and its expiry date.

Q3: What is DNS parking? When should I use DNS parking?
A: If a registrant does not have hosting service for his/her domain, he/she can use NiceNIC.NET's name servers (ns1.ndns.cn, ns2.ndns.cn) that were already ranked in the TOP 25 in Chinese Hosting Companies (Data from WebHosting.Info) when registering the domain. However, it is not a hosting service for the domain's web site - it will show NiceNIC.NET's parking web page for the registered domain.

Q4: What is IP address? How many type of IP address?
A: An IP address (Internet Protocol address) is a unique address that some electronic devices use to identify and communicate with each other on a computer network utilizing the Internet Protocol standard (IP). In simpler terms, IP address is a computer address.
There are mainly two type IP addresses: IPv4 and IPv6. IPv4(Internet Protocol version 4) is widely used in the Internet, and it uses 32 bits to represent an address. IPv6 (Internet Protocol version6), the successor of IPv4, makes use of 128 bits to represent an address instead of 32 bits. IPv6 has enough room for 3.4×1038 unique addresses.

Q5: What is CDN and punycode?
A: CDN is the Chinese Domain Name which contains at least one or more Chinese characters, may contain one or more uppercase or lowercase English letters, numbers or hyphens.
Start to register China .CN Chinese domain names: http://nicenic.net/domain/cn-domain-registration.php
Punycode is a computer programming protocol by which a Unicode string of characters can be translated into the more-limited character set permitted in network host names.

Q6: What is Name server?
A: Name server is a program or computer server that map a human-recognizable identifier (hostname) of a host to it's computer-recognizable identifier (IP address).

Q7: What is DNS Zone file?
A: These are the files that contain the list of all the hosts in your domain, and their corresponding IP address.

Q8: What is "DNS hosting"?

A: It is a service that runs Domain Name System servers.

Q9: What is DNS record (NS, A, MX, etc)?
A: The DNS record stores host related information such as NS,A, MX, SOA.
SOA - Start of Authority. This is the record stating that this server is authorized for the specified domain.
NS - Name server: Specifies the name server to be used to look up a domain.
MX - Mail Exchange: Specifies mail server(s) for the domain.

A - A Record: Used for linking a FQDN to an IP address.

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