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* "Non-professional" opinion also Valued by NiceNIC.NET:
Not real "Non-professional" but Self-Styled "Non-professional" by Arick

Question by NiceNIC.NET new Editor Fonnie:
To be honest, I have difficulty in writing something to promote .HK and .TW domain names, as you will see from the pricing list of http://nicenic.net/customer/pricing.php, we are offering .HK and .TW with competitive prices.
Do you have any information about the 2 domain names or could you please give me some suggestion so I can start with?

Answer by NiceNIC.NET Valued Customer Arick who is with www.favoriteuniversity.com:

I am not an expert in internet marketing and my opinion could be misleading. However I have few ideas which may be useful to establish NiceNIC.NET as famous Registrar for specific domains.

I am bit lost because I didn't know how NiceNIC.NET want to be famous for. As comparison, NC is famous because they evaluate their strong competitor (GD) and establish themselves as better company:
1. They want people think the company provide cheap domain along with interesting features.
2. They also wish to be famous for being simple and did not 'Too Aggressive' (bombard customer with too much offers). They want to be simple and not offer too much 'useless' add-on while purchasing their services. (GD offer too much add-on while purchasing domain/services. NC understand so many people didn't like it and use it in their marketing technique)
3. Lately NC want to be famous for protecting 'the freedom' by standing against SOPA and PIPA. GD is supporting PIPA and SOPA.
Not purely politic but I think NC is somewhat quite smart in gathering trust and sympathy from public. Politic and public policy seem affect public in choosing domain Registrar.
4. NC and GD was competing in almost all aspect. In simple and little aspect, NC were decorating their site to be 'faster' and 'easier'. They were using strong and well managed database which make it very easy and fast to retrieve query about domain.
People just need to enter the domain and their result will be displayed in seconds.
I would say they were not only competing in major things but also in smallest things such as 'comforting user whom using their services' and 'well managed domain management'.
I am using both of their domain management and it seems NC provide quite better management.
GD has great domain management but I think they advertise too much their service in domain management by requiring the customer to open many 'less useful' pages just to perform what they really want. By opening too many pages there would be lots of impression in featuring their services. The domain management in GD is fast and easy but NC has better stuff. Off-course my opinion could be wrong.
5. NC is very active in helping people migrating domains to their company. All domain Registrars have to do this in order to regain trust and get lots of revenue. To stimulate people in migrating the domain, they offer lower prices. They cover the loss (if any) by promoting another services such as SSL certificate and web hosting.

About NiceNIC, I am not quite sure on what it want to be famous for. I was thinking NiceNIC.NET may be suitable to be:
1. 'Nice' domain Registrar.
It is possible to rank NiceNIC.NET as 'very nice' domain Registrar by offering lucrative services.
I didn't talk about Price. Not yet. I was referring about 'support staff'. Maybe NiceNIC.NET could be famous for being 'Nice' by hiring 'nice' staffs whom ready to answer any questions nicely.
I do clearly understand hiring lots of staff mean lots of expenses.
2. Quickest domain Registrar in setting up domain to be used with various services such as:
- BlogSpot and WordPress Integration (Custom domain)
- CMS Self Hosted Integration/ Hosting integration (Self Hosted WordPress, Joomla, etc)
- ClickBank, Amazon and other marketing services (almost same as above)
3. Domain Registrar which provide simple interface and greatest features.
Simple interface is better rather than complicated GUI (using Jquery might be better than standard plain HTML).

I was thinking NiceNIC.NET could be 'the biggest domain Registrar' in Asia just by doing few simple things above. I am not an expert in marketing so my opinion could be wrong. However, most of the times, other Registrar's interface is somewhat too 'classic' and complicated'. NiceNIC.NET has better interface and 'brand'.

I do apology for talking 'off topic' too much.

About .HK and .TW, I would start with these things:

1. Offer lower prices or multiple products in single purchase.

For .HK domain registration:


Another company 'E*' offer .HK at lower prices. It seems they were really proud as 'the only company which provide .HK at the lowest possible price'. Actually the price is not that low. They only wish to be famous as .HK domain Registrar and keep the trophy.
NiceNIC.NET in other hand has competitive price. The only way to compete is by providing better stuffs. 'E*' provide free email for the domain. Maybe NiceNIC.NET could increase the price little bit but offer free hosting for specified times.

For .TW domain registration:


NiceNIC.NET definitely provide greatest prices in .TW domain which is nice.

2. Most people wasn't aware of the .HK and .TW domain names.
I think people only think high of .COM domain name.
To make people start registering .HK and .TW domain name, here are few 'ideas':
1. Most people would only buy domain names that give them benefits.
Basically you just need to change their mind and make them believe if .HK and .TW domain name is very important.
To do that, you just need to develop .HK and .TW domain name to win the competition in specified keyword.
- Creating 'CheapDomain.HK' to win the competition in => "Cheapest .HK domain".
- Creating 'CheapDomain.TW' to win the competition in => "Cheapest .TW domain".

Building blog to win the competition that keywords are not quite hard (but still need lots of efforts and time).

NiceNIC.NET should target the global competition for that keyword (via Google.com). However, winning in Local competition is more than enough (google.hk/Google.tw/Baidu)

By doing this, NiceNIC would be well-known and famous in local market and gain lots of revenue for anyone whom trying to register those domains.

I really like this idea especially when NiceNIC.NET would help local customer setting up .HK and .TW to be used with various services in just few minutes.

After all setup, NiceNIC.NET may creating thread in local/International forum stating ".HK and .TW are two domain which are easy to be ranked and developed'.
Basically you just need to say "Surely .COM is best but we already know if it is hard to get the name in .COM. Instead of using long keywords in .COM it is better to use shorter keyword in another domain (such as .TW and .HK) which is easy to be remembered and receives high exposure in search Engine.

2. Creating another 'term' for .HK and .TW
While COM is interpreted as 'Commercial', you may wish to call TW as Twain or Twitter.
.TW as Twain mean a site that is dedicated to rank another site.
.TW as Twitter mean the domain will make anyone looks professional if they shorten their Twitter account URL using .TW
NiceNIC.TW => NiceNIC Twitter account.
DigitalPoint.TW => Twitter account DigitalPoint.
Love.TW => latest Compilation of tweets about 'Love' in twitter.

It seems .TW would be great choice for anyone if NiceNIC.NET manage to make the domain popular for anything which is related with Twitter.

There are two POSITIVE things:

- The requirements to register .HK, .TW and .CN:

   It needs no complicated documents especially for citizens/organizations outside China, i.e. no extra information/materials required for .TW/.COM.TW domain registration, only Passport/ID/Organization Number required to register .HK domain name, for China .CN domain registration, NiceNIC.NET offer FREE Trustee/Proxy Service (https://nicenic.net/domain/cn-domain-registration/).

   It's definitely FAR EASIER beyond your imagination.

- The prices of .HK, .TW and .CN domain names:

  WORLD-LOWEST pricing on all domain names operated by Registry of CNNIC, i.e. .CN, .COM.CN, .中国(.China) etc.

  COMPETITIVE pricing on both .HK and .TW domain names.

To summarize the most important things, here are what I really want to say:
1. Make all people believe if .HK and .TW is precious domain that receive great exposure and suitable for many things.
- Build blog in .HK and .TW to market NiceNIC and to make other believe if .HK and .TW are very great for blogging and business. NiceNIC.NET may recieve high exposure and sales by doing this.
Difficulty: Could be hard until Very hard. Just remember, any domain could dominate any keyword in Search Engine. The optimization is what make the difference. SE seems give more priority for well known domain name. However, there is nothing impossible in this world (at least for domination in SE)

2. Interpret .TW as Twitter related stuffs while .HK as Hacker.
Scenario for .TW:
Suggest and help anyone to use custom domain for their Twitter account. It is fairly easy to be done because it involve only Domain forwarding.
Difficulty: Just one simple click away. Very easy.
For anyone who is willing to use .TW to write blog about tweets from Twitter, quickly help them setup the blog.
Difficulty: Could be Very Easy.

Scenario for .HK:
For anyone who purchases the domain, give them a hosting (and setup WordPress automatically if necessary).
Most people who are buying .HK because it represents Hacker, they must be aware on how to setup sites/blogs/forum. So it means they would be not going to ask help in setting up domain. However, be ready to quickly help them if they need it.

Please understand I am writing this while I am about to sleep (it is really hard for me too sleep. maybe it is because there are lots of things in my mind (mainly about PHP codes/server related managements) at the moment. I have hard time to sleep if I think too much or if I am a bit excited). It is almost midnight in Indonesia.
I wish all the sentences are readable. I have checked my previous posts in DP and it seems I need to learn more on how to write well structured English sentences.
I do apology if what I have written above make you sad or angry. I write it based on my own limited knowledge. Kindly inform me if there is anything which is 'inappropriate'. I was thinking Helen is just like my 'Senior/Supervisor'.
I was thinking you should communicate with professional in Internet and Domain Marketing to get better answers for your questions. Asking me is just like 'asking how to drive car to a someone who never saw a car in his life'.
However, I am always happy to communicate and answer any of your questions.

* Thank Arick (website: www.favoriteuniversity.com) for his time and PROFESSIONAL & ingenious opinion.

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