NiceNIC Announces .HK Domain Accreditation

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Congratulations to NiceNIC on becoming HKIRC Accredited Registrar

NiceNIC.NET-HKIRC Accredited Registrar-Hong Kong .HK Domain Registrar

Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited(HKIRC) hereby certifies that NiceNIC International Group Co., Limited has satisfied the accreditation requirements, has passed the Technical Testing Procedure and has become an HKIRC Accredited Registrar for the domain name categories,,,,, .hk, .公司.香港, .組織.香港, .網絡.香港, .個人.香港 and .香港, effective on the date of this Certificate.

Date: 1 November 2013 (OFFICIAL Enquiry:

Register Hong Kong .HK Domain Names

.HK Domain Registration:
.COM.HK Domain Registration:
.NET.HK Domain Registration:
.ORG.HK Domain Registration:
.EDU.HK Domain Registration:
.IDV.HK Domain Registration:

Why Register .HK and Chinese .香港 Domain Names with NiceNIC.NET?
Hong Kong is an international metropolis and has been ranked the world's freest economy for 18 consecutive years. Hong Kong has always been one of the top ranking countries in terms of global competitiveness due to its geographic location, free flow of information, low tax regime, talented workforce, protection of intellectual property rights, comprehensive legal system, favourable and globalised business environment. As a result, Hong Kong plays a major role in bridging trade and business activities among Mainland China, Asia and the global markets. By registering .hk and .香港 domain names, enterprises can make use of Hong Kong's status and reputation and create their unique online "Hong Kong Brand". This will help open up and expand markets and develop new opportunities.

English .HK and Chinese .香港 Domain Names
As an international business hub, both Chinese and English are used as official languages in Hong Kong. Customers can register an English .hk and a Chinese .香港 domain names for the price of one. By registering .hk and .香港 domain names, enterprises can strengthen their global brand awareness, and enjoy the business advantages of reaching both English-speaking and Chinese-speaking customers. This also enables customers who can read and write only in Chinese in the Greater China region to easily access their websites, hence helps opening up the huge market of Chinese speaking community with a population of over 13 billion and seizing the potential global opportunities.

Choice of Many .HK and .香港 Categories
Many categories of .hk and .香港 domain names are available to cater for the needs of different customers. Generic .hk and .香港 domain names can be registered by any local or overseas company, organisation or individual. Customers can make use of their simple and direct generic .hk and .香港 domain names to enhance their brand recognition and product awareness.
Furthermore, Hong Kong is China's gateway to the international market. Access to comprehensive information is one of the many advantages Hong Kong can offer to businesses. Different specific .hk and .香港 domain name categories can cater for the needs of different types of customers, enabling them to establish their secure and credible websites. Customers can choose from six specific Hong Kong .HK domain name categories, namely,,,,, and their Chinese .香港 equivalents. By providing respective documentary proof, customers can establish a reliable website with unique online Hong Kong identity and strengthen their unrivalled positioning in the highly competitive business world.

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