VeriSign releases more traffic data about unregistered domains

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.com and .net registry provides added detail about NXD traffic.


VeriSign has enhanced its DomainScore tool to provide more insight into the traffic unregistered domains receive.


DomainScore provides a relative score for the amount of traffic an unregistered domain name receives. But this so-called “NXD” traffic doesn’t qualify the type of traffic very well. That’s part of the reason people complain that they register a domain with a high score based on VeriSign’s data and don’t get any traffic.


The latest update includes time-of-day and location information about unregistered domain traffic.


Lots of requests but few unique requests? That should be a warning sign. When the traffic comes in may have to do with the type of site.


The geo location data is helpful for a number of reasons. One obvious one: if you’re going to park the domain, you probably want traffic from the U.S. rather than China because it monetizes better.


VeriSign has also enhanced the user interface and historic data for its DomainView tool. 

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