What are the sites that give paid SSL certificates?

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What are the sites that give paid SSL certificates?

What are the sites that give paid SSL certificates?


There are several reputable websites where you can purchase paid SSL certificates. Some of the well-known Certificate Authorities (CAs) include:


NiceNic.Net : NiceNic.Net is a leading provider of SSL certificates, offering a range of options for various needs.

Symantec (now part of DigiCert): Symantec was a major player in the SSL industry, and their certificates are now offered through DigiCert.

Comodo (now Sectigo): Comodo has been a popular choice for SSL certificates, and they are now part of Sectigo.

GlobalSign: GlobalSign provides a variety of digital certificate solutions, including SSL certificates.

GoDaddy: Known for domain registration and web hosting services, GoDaddy also offers SSL certificates.

Entrust Datacard: Entrust offers SSL/TLS certificates with a focus on security and trust.

Thawte: Thawte, a subsidiary of DigiCert, is a long-standing CA providing SSL certificates.

GeoTrust (also part of DigiCert): GeoTrust offers SSL certificates with various validation levels.

RapidSSL (also part of DigiCert): RapidSSL is known for its cost-effective SSL solutions.

Sectigo (formerly Comodo): Sectigo provides a range of SSL certificates for different purposes.

Before purchasing an SSL certificate, it's essential to assess your specific needs and choose a certificate that aligns with your website requirements.

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Comodo, GlobalSign, Digicert, GeoTrust, Thawte, Sectigo, Entrust ... ...


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