What is the difference between .hk domain name and com.hk domain name? Where can I register cheaply?

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What is the HK domain name? Recently, many customers have asked how to register. Today, I will briefly explain the difference between .hk and com.hk domain names.
As a global financial center and a port that connects Greater China with the world, and as a world economic pearl, Hong Kong and .com.hk domain names are domain names that almost all companies will definitely choose. Moreover, the domain name is cheap and the resolution speed is fast.
What is the difference between .hk domain name and com.hk domain name? Where can I register cheaply?
Registration requirements for the two domain names .hk and com.hk:

(1) .hk domain name: Any individual, group or enterprise can register. You only need to provide the corresponding certificate number to register.
        A. As an individual owner, you need to provide your personal ID number and the consistent name of the domain name owner;
        B. The registered owner of the enterprise needs to provide the enterprise-related certificate number and its consistent certificate number.

(2) .com.hk registration requirements: The registrant must be a Hong Kong company and must provide the Hong Kong merchant registration certificate number.

(3) Since the com.hk domain name must provide a Hong Kong merchant registration certificate, the com.hk domain name will be more recognized and trusted by Hong Kong locals.

(4) As for the .hk domains, it is easier to register. There is no restriction on Hong Kong information, so there are relatively more people registering. Of course, the number of domain names that can be registered will be relatively small.

Be sure not to fill in the information incorrectly, otherwise the registration office will charge a certain fee when modifying the information later.

The value advantages of .hk domain names:

(1) Identity symbol: The .hk domain name is the domain name of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of my country. It has a strong and distinctive identification function and is also an important indicator of business transactions in Hong Kong;
(2) Brand domain name protection: Registering a .hk domain name not only protects the corporate brand, but also serves as a frontier for companies to enter the international market;
(3) It is easier to register domain names than other regions;
(4) Registration conditions are simple and registration is passed quickly;
(5) The analysis speed is fast.

Instructions for registering .hk and com.hk domain names:

(1) The maximum registration and renewal period for .hk and com.hk domain names is 5 years. Note: hk domain name registration and renewal can only be for 1, 2, 3 or 5 years, 4 years is not supported.

(2) Some hk domain names have special requirements. Please be sure to check before registering: "Bank": If the domain name contains "bank" or "bank", or any English or Chinese derivatives of the word, or any Chinese translated words , or use the letters "b", "a", "n", "k" or the Chinese characters "Yin" and "行" as a domain name, a written consent issued by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority is required. .

Where can I register Hong Kong hk domain name and com.hk domain name?

You can register directly on the premium global domain name platform (NiceNIC.NET), a domain name registrar with 17 years of experience and branches in Hong Kong and the United States.

Step 1: Click directly: Register .hk domain name
What is the difference between .hk domain name and com.hk domain name? Where can I register cheaply?
Step 2: In the search box, enter the domain name you want to register and click Search
What is the difference between .hk domain name and com.hk domain name? Where can I register cheaply?
Step 3: Click on the desired hk domain name or com.hk domain name, and click [Register Now]

Step 4: Follow the page prompts and fill in the corresponding certificates according to your needs (for com.hk domain name, you need to select the Hong Kong Merchant Registration Certificate)

The operation is very simple and convenient. Whether you are doing international business or protecting your company's domain name brand, you should register the Hong Kong-related domain name hk and .com.hk suffix as soon as possible to protect the company's brand assets.

>>>Click to register .hk domain name


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