Why Does The Tech Industry Prefer .IO Domain Names?

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Why Does The Tech Industry Prefer .IO Domain Names? | NiceNIC.NET

The growth in .IO domain name registrations from within the tech industry continues the trend of ccTLDs that have attracted domain name registrations from those with very little direct connection to the host territory.


Additionally, it seems to continue the pattern of idyllic tropical islands giving ccTLD suffixes to the tech and software development sectors. No ccTLDs for former Soviet states for these people. They don't care if the ccTLD originates from an island covered in sun and dotted with plush sandy beaches.


In fact, the .IO registry now almost solely focuses on courting tech startups and other organizations with a similar relationship to the industry as a result of the strong uptake of .IO domains among the IT and software industries.


The British Indian Ocean Territory, a contentious archipelago in the Indian Ocean with a contentious colonial heritage, continues to use IO as its ccTLD.


What Is It About .IO That Draws the Tech Industry?


Tech startups and programmers have really hopped on the.IO domain name bandwagon, much like gamers and eSports aficionados have taken the .GG ccTLD or the Artificial Intelligence industry has grabbed the.AI domain (Anguilla).


Nearly 500,000 .IO domains have been registered as of this writing.


It is seen by many in the sector as a more than suitable replacement for a .COM domain.


The term "input/output" is reflected in the initials "IO," which makes it particularly appealing to tech-savvy people who take pride in their profession.


It is more adaptable and shorter than .COM, making it easier to remember and more likely to have catchy names like domain hacks like cheer.io accessible. Mario Rubio utilized rub.io to try to win his party's candidacy for president in the 2016 election.


The use of .IO in the tech sector is very new, therefore there are a lot more .IO domains available than .COM domains.


Efficiency - Registrations are swiftly accepted without the need for a local presence or any additional conditions.


So Who Are Using .IO Domain Names?

We all like to think we are hanging with the cool kids so let's see who's using:


card.io - bought by PayPal, this company devised a solution that allowed credit card details to be captured by smartphone cameras. Also, a great example of a domain hack.


auki.io - a WiFi based locations and analytics/engagement solution that is partnered with Facebook.


seats.io - a reserved seating application aimed at ticketing tech companies and venue owner. Seats.io not only uses the .IO domain name but has made .IO a part of it's brand too. Their logo also includes the words IO.


bubble.io - helps users build an app without coding. It has over 1.5 Million visitors per month and is a part of Alexa's op 1 million sites i.e. the most visited websites on the internet


material.io - is run by Google and dedicated to its material design and gets over


Should I Get a .IO Domain Name?


A .IO domain should undoubtedly be on your radar if you're a fledgling tech developer or entrepreneur who has or is preparing the newest digital disruption but doesn't have the extra cash to spend on the right .COM.


Additionally, you'll have a lot more options when choosing a domain name that accurately represents your business.


With the appropriate approach, ideally your inputs result in outcomes that are better than you had anticipated!


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