.AI Domain Names and the Rise of Artificial Intelligence

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.AI Domain Names and the Rise of Artificial Intelligence | NiceNIC.NET

What comes to mind normally when you think about artificial intelligence?


In any case, it's unlikely that you would connect artificial intelligence with Anguilla, a sunny, tropical island paradise with opulent Caribbean beaches.


.Anguilla's ccTLD, .AI, is yet another illustration of a pattern where certain suffixeslike .GGhave seen a dramatic spike in registrations from people who have little to no direct connection to the host territory.


There are presently more than 57,000 .AI domain names registered, more than much larger nations like .BG (Bulgaria) or .TH (Thailand), despite having a population of little under 15,000 people.


The majority of these are .AI domain registrations from businesses, particularly startups, in the artificial intelligence (AI) sector.


The AI Industry and the .AI Domain Name

The potential of .AI is now widely recognized as the next digital frontier, and investments in the field are increasing to reflect this.


The entire amount of money invested by corporations worldwide in artificial intelligence (AI) in 2020 was close to 68 billion US dollars, a considerable rise from 2019.


When megacorporations like Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft and IBM start pumping megabucks into AI startups, it's time to sit up and take notice.


Many of the startups bought by Google e.g. API.ai, webforward to existing Google pages. www.google.ai forwards to www.ai.google where there is a mind-bending array of AI applications that Google is actively researching and sharing. AI projects include predicting natural disasters to tracking diseases as they spread - wouldn't we all find that useful right now?!


Facebook.ai forwards to the Facebook AI sector where there is some pretty amazing stuff on challenges such as Deepfake detection. Here research is conducted which can tell when AI has been used to alter a video in order to mislead the viewer


For those interested in off-world applications of AI, NASA.ai brings you to a site where you are met by the exhilarating statement "Artificial Intelligence Research for Space Science, Exploration & All Mankind". Beam me up, Scotty!


Apple, meanwhile, recently bought Drive.ai, an autonomous driving startup once valued at $200m.


Away from the big boys, there are numerous examples of innovative AI companies using their .AI domain as their primary web presence:


Fetch.ai - which provides AI for Blockchains based around open-source technology that any global user can run to connect to the network.


Eightfold.ai - whose deep-learning talent intelligence platform uses AI to help people understand their work career potential while allowing enterprises to understand the potential of their workforce


Ascent.ai - which provides AI for automated object picking and kitting.


Arturo.ai - which provides instant AI solutions for the insurance sector by "unlocking the power of aerial imagery".


Why should I Get a .AI Domain Name?


Both young tech and AI companies and established ones are vying for .AI domains.


Convergenz purchased conv.ai for $28,000 in June 2021, according to TLDinvestors.com, as it continues to offer AI services to the public and private sectors. The Covid-19 epidemic has pushed the use of AI, as is the case with many businesses, demonstrating that the market for .AI domains is expanding and stable.


You don't need machine intelligence to tell you that an if you're an AI startup with the next-best concept to ultimately save or kill humanity, depending on your point of view.You might find the ideal answer in the .AI domain.


It's already well recognised within the AI sector so there is little need to worry about brand recognition while Google insists that their search engine shows no SEO favouritism between a .COM and a ccTLD like .AI.


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