Why does NiceNIC Reseller Program try a prepaid system?

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In deference to recent NiceNIC.NET clients' request, we hereby make an explanation about why NiceNIC reseller program is based on prepayment, hope it would help a bit anyhow.


Actually, working on a prepaid system is beneficial both for you and NiceNIC.NET. Our prices are discounted, while the interests of domain name owners are incredibly high. By maintaining a prepaid balance you will be able to renew your domain registrations automatically and you do NOT have to concern yourself with losing domain names. For NiceNIC.NET this system guarantees continuity and less administration, which makes it possible to keep our prices low. Additionally it may also offer us the means to keep upgrading and perfecting our equipment and services.


Your deposit will never expire and there is no threshold for a minimal balance. You could use the full amount deposited without making a new deposit. However, we advise you to have positive balance on your account for automatic renewals therefore you would NOT lose any domains.


For more information about NiceNIC Domain Reseller Program, please kindly check http://nicenic.net/reseller/ OR write us directly at Admin @ NiceNIC.NET.


Your continued support and comprehension have been greatly appreciated!


All the best,

NiceNIC Team


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