• China SEO

    Our China SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) is a long-term strategy from which you willget benefits permanently.
  • China PPC

    Do you want to appear quickly in front of your Chinese audience? China PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising also called search engine marketing (SEM) will be the solution for you.
  • China SMM

    China Social Media Marketing (SMM) has become popular for most online marketing campaigns. Our China SMM enables your business to communicate in a way that is sensitive to Chinese culture.
  • China MOB

    Mobile marketing is becoming increasingly important for China’s market and has huge potential in the future. Hurry up! It is time to consider developing your mobile marketing campaign.

China SMM

China Social Media Marketing (SMM) has become popular for most online marketing campaigns. Our China SMM enables your business to communicate in a way that is sensitive to Chinese culture.
You might think of Facebook and Twitter straight away, though unfortunately they are blocked in China. When it comes to China Social Media Marketing, you must use different tones to communicate with your Chinese audience on their own Social Media platforms, such as Weibo (equivalent of Facebook and Twitter in China), especially Sina Weibo, Tencent Qzone (equivalent of Facebook and Twitter in China), Tencent QQ (Instant Message tools), Tencent Wechat (Mobile communication and private social networking app), Renren (equivalent of Facebook in China), Youku & Tudou (equivalent of YouTube in China), etc.
An effective social media marketing campaign develops a relationship between you and your customers by engaging them directly in promoting your products or services. NiceNIC.NET understand that in China, it is extremely important to build a good relationship (“guanxi”) with your current customers and potential customers.
If you are not a big brand and you don’t have a team in China, you will be faced with the problem of how to exploit social media marketing in China? The internet is open to anyone, no matter wherever you are. Please see below to find out how our team can help you.

Help you build audience in China!

China Social Media Marketing service
1. China social media campaign strategy creation: platform selection, social media setup, content marketing strategy and management etc.
2. China social media setup: Weibo company page, Wechat offical page, Youku official page etc based on your needs.
3. Suggestions on branded profiles in Chinese
4. Daily posts / tweets / updates
5. Video creation by our professional filming associate, Fenghua Mo can be a Chinese actress if needed
6. Followers and fans building
7. Communication with followers using the right tone. We highly recommend you to have a real time communication with your audience, and our team based in Mainland China can help you.
8. Running creative, exciting contests and promotions with followers and fans
9. Maintenance and management
10. Reputation monitoring
11. Tracking and statistics overview
12. Monthly consulting

By engaging Chinese target audience on these social media platforms, we can:

1. Improve brand recognition for your company
2. Build reputation for your company
3. Spread the word about your business (word of mouth)
4. Build the trust and the relationship with your followers/customers
5. Drive traffic to your site
6. Improve customer service
7. Improve brand loyalty

We will invite your in-house marketing team to work with us in social media campaigns, as social media marketing campaigns will not be successful without the participation of those who work for your company, especially for the foreign country market where people speak a different language and use a different tone of voice and communication style on social media platforms.
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