• China SEO

    Our China SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) is a long-term strategy from which you willget benefits permanently.
  • China PPC

    Do you want to appear quickly in front of your Chinese audience? China PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising also called search engine marketing (SEM) will be the solution for you.
  • China SMM

    China Social Media Marketing (SMM) has become popular for most online marketing campaigns. Our China SMM enables your business to communicate in a way that is sensitive to Chinese culture.
  • China MOB

    Mobile marketing is becoming increasingly important for China’s market and has huge potential in the future. Hurry up! It is time to consider developing your mobile marketing campaign.

Chinese Branding

Branding is not just designing a logo for your company, it is a way to help you stand out from your competitor. At NiceNIC.NET, our Chinese Branding service can help you to localise your brand to reach your costumers in China.
Branding can help you:
1. Create difference Clearly highlighting what makes your offer different, what are your USPs (unique selling points) .
2. Add value to your offer Adding value to your products or services means adding revenue to your business, as people are willing to pay more for the good value produces.
3. Connect with your customers Getting your message across to your target market is important for all businesses. How can you communicate your brand to the public? Storytelling, credibility, engaging with your customers etc.
We can help you to redefine your original brand to suit your Chinese market. We will consider which translation version is accepted broadly by Chinese customers, which colours are favoured in China, which photographs are suitable for Chinese culture etc.
Key design ingredients for branding: Name, colour, shape, materials, sound, photography, typography, Templates.
In a word, being clear about what you stand for always applies, although there are some differences between branding in different industry sectors.

Help you build audience in China!

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