.Gay Objector Strikes Out

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ILGA loses three community objections against .gay and one against .LGBT

International Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA) has lost three community objections, it brought against applicants for the .gay top level domain name. The objections were filed against Top Level Design, Top Level Domain Holdings, and United TLD (Demand Media).

ILGA is backing a rival .gay bid by dotgay LLC.

Panelist Dr. Bernhard Schlink ruled that the gay community is a clearly delineated community, and that ILGA had standing to bring the objection. However, he determined that ILGA did not prove that .gay going to the applicants would cause material detriment to the gay community.

Schlink agreed that the “gay community” might lose the chance to operate the .gay string as a result of the three companies’ applications. But he pointed to section 3.5.4 of the applicant guidebook, which states “an allegation of detriment that consists only of the applicant being delegated the string instead of the objector will not be sufficient for a finding of material detriment.”

He also ruled against ILGA in its objection to Afilias’ application for .LGBT.

Schlink is the same panelist that found against Metroplex Republicans of Dallas in its own objection against dotgay LLC (the group ILGA is backing). In that case, he ruled that the objector didn’t have standing.

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