The future of Handshake domains

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The future of Handshake domains | NiceNIC.NET

The move to instate Web3 blockchain domain name systems is geared toward providing users with simpler, shorter domains that can easily be used online. As such, Handshake domains and similar iterations of decentralized domain system services may be used to represent a blockchain address, for instance.


People can then just say, Send the payment to joe.crypto,instead of a hex string with multiple characters, making it more convenient and user-friendly to use domain names on the web. Handshake aims to take part in the decentralized future by offering users better control of their data, security and privacy while keeping things decentralized.


However, it remains to be seen if accessibility will become an issue for potential adopters. As things stand, both registration and browser support are still firmly in the hands of the traditional infrastructure. Also, if ICANN releases TLDs in the future that might conflict with Handshakes TLDs, domain usage may become more complicated.


In such a circumstance, resolvers would need to decide whether to resolve the Handshake TLD or ICANN TLD. ICANN is also an undeniably larger and more powerful organization will it yield to decentralization?


And with such a complicated process for domain infrastructure turnover in the direction of decentralization, wont switching to HNS just make it the major player once ICANN domain names are phased out (if at all)? Many questions remain to be answered, and only time will tell if services like Handshake will become widely adopted or fade into obscurity.


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