Why Handshake domain names?

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Why Handshake domain names? | NiceNIC.NET

What’s Handshake Domain Name?

Learn about a fresh perspective on domain name ownership. Handshake is a blockchain-based peer-to-peer network that functions similarly to a secure public registry. It means bypassing the traditional organizations and registries that hold sway over the internet, giving you more freedom, security, and control over your domain name.

Additionally, you are allowed to register unique domain names other than those ending in .com,.org,.net, or any other traditional domain extensions. The data security, privacy, and professional assistance you already receive from NiceNIC.NET will remain intact, nonetheless.

Why Handshake domain names?

1. Become a pioneer

By registering a Handshake domain, you join the growing movement to gradually decentralize the internet. Create a website with a domain name that you completely own and manage.

2. Enjoy online freedom

The power is transferred to domain name owners as the web grows less centralized, with less control or gatekeeping. With just a few clicks, safely log in to the decentralized web without jeopardizing your privacy. You can share info anyway you like.

3. Stay secure

Handshake domains are distributed on a blockchain, which provides more resistance to security scams and hacking attempts.

4. Encourage internet parity

A more equal online environment where technologies are driven by the Internet community rather than a small number of stakeholders is produced by the progressive decentralization of the web.

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