How to register Handshake domains? How to access a Handshake domain?

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One way that users can participate in the auction processes for Handshake domains is by using HNS. Other than that, domain registrar NiceNIC.NET offers registration services for Handshake domains to the public.


To get a Handshake domain, youll first need to create a Handshake wallet and acquire Handshake cryptocurrency (HNS). Once you have HNS in your wallet, you can bid on the Handshake domain you want.


NiceNIC.NET currently offers the following TLDs:

 How to register Handshake domains? How to access a Handshake domain? | NiceNIC.NET

How to access a Handshake domain?

Note that, by default, most web browsers are unable to connect to the Handshake blockchain. Therefore, youll need to use a DNS resolver to access your Handshake domain.


Handshake domains currently do not resolve on regular web browsers. To access a Handshake domain, one has to use either the Handshake software itself or any of the following:


Browser extensions





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