Who bought the Top 20 Domain Sales at Uniregistry

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A Costa Rican e-commerce company, wound care certification organization, and smart home company bought domain names at Uniregistry.

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Uniregistry recently published its top 20 sales of July, and now it's going to start publishing its top 20 weekly sales (well, those that it can make public):


1. wearly.com $25,000 It's an end user price but it's unclear who bought it. Whois shows it's someone in Japan. Wear.ly is for sale at BrandBucket.


2. createme.com $18,000 It's under Whois privacy at GoDaddy but there are a lot of companies that would want to upgrade to this name.


3. unimart.com $13,000 Unimart selling at Uniregistry? Yep. The buyer is Barulu S.A., an e-commerce company in Costa Rica.


4. vaha.com $12,000 Just a coming soon page on this domain.


5. iapts.com $11,500 iApts is short for iApartments. This company helps apartments become smart apartments with connected devices. It does not own iApartments, which is an apartment locator.


6. wcei.com $10,000 Relias LLC runs the Wound Care Education Institute, or WCEI for short. The .com is an upgrade to its current WCEI.net domain.


7. linesheets.com $10,000 A line sheet is like a mini catalog, and this site helps you create them easily.


8. etar.com $10,000 All I can tell at this point is that the buyer is in Saudi Arabia.


9. winnerwinner.com $10,000 The domain has GoDaddy Whois privacy and still resolves to a Uni lander.


10. satelle.com $7,600 A buyer in the Netherlands.


11. psilocybinmushrooms.com $7,600 Still under privacy at Uniregistry.


12. suvmarket.com $7,000 Doesn't resolve and no Whois info.


13. coolx.com $7,000 The buyer is setting up a WordPress site.


14. bouts.com $5,580 A company called Trichterheide nv bought the domain.


15. planetaryburger.com $5,175 I don't know who bought it but I can guess what they'll do with it.


16. funguy.com $5,000 Whois shows a buyer in Washington state.


17. walkerconstruction.com $5,000 Walker Construction is a construction company in Kentucky, building bridges, highways and more.


18. plutocrat.com $5,000 What do you think end user or investor? A plutocrat is someone whose power derives from their wealth.


19. abcroofing.com $4,000 There are a lot of ABC Roofing companies out there, and this one is in Georgia.


20. dealin.com $3,700 ZeroBase is a web developer in Japan. It's probably for a project or client.

Source from Domain Name Wire, author ANDREW ALLEMANN

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